Monday, April 22, 2013


It's the little things. It really is. And, it's the ones that are completely unexpected that absolutely touch you in ways the giver could never have imagined. I believe it is important to share your love, to reach out and touch someone's life, if even in a little way, whenever you can.

I have been the recipient of such love recently, and just wanted to take a minute to share HOW important these gestures were to me. Since my Mammaw's fall, stroke, and throughout her recovery, my life has been turned upside down. 

My days are not my own (not as if they ever truly were, but you know...), I often struggle fail to accomplish ANYTHING on my to-do list, I've NOT been a good friend to my nearest and dearests, and sometimes often, even a phone call is too much for me to handle. My emotions are all out of whack, my nerves on edge, and yet....even in the midst of this, those very people whom I've stepped back from, to focus my attention elsewhere, have loved on me in HUGE ways! 

I received a card a few weeks back. This dear girl has been a sweet friend of mine for so long it's not funny. We use to talk weekly, and sometimes daily, and to be honest, while I know where I was sitting the last time I talked to her, I couldn't tell you when. There's an occasional text, a facebook post, or a voicemail (from her) to say "I love you and miss you." As I said, emotionally, some days I had NOTHING left to give (not that she was asking), and yet, I know, when I can, we'll fall right in place and have never missed a beat. That's a true friendship. 

Today, I was sitting here, in a mess of papers, multitasking - planning school curriculum for next year, working on a blog, balancing the checkbook, etc. And in walks a dear sweet girl whom I absolutely love. She brought candy for the family, and for me, a Dr. Pepper and my favorite, Reese PB Cups. She loved on me and was going to leave, never planned to stay, just to stop by and say "I love you" in her special way. 

This afternoon, I check the mail to find a card. It's from one of our Worship Leaders at church, it was a "Thinking of You" card, and her message was simple, but filled with His love. It brought tears to my eyes that she took the time out of her day to say "Thank you for your work at church, and YOU are special to me." 

To say the least, I feel loved. I feel supported. AND none of these people could fully know the weights I feel sitting on my shoulders, and yet, they reach out in their own ways to love me. Grateful. That's where I am. 

(Thank you, Courtney, from Women Living Well, for this photo)

If ever the thought crosses your mind, that someone needs an encouraging word, or the Father places someone on your heart/mind, DO NOT DELAY! Act on it. It may be the very thing that helps them move forward and keep smiling. It was for me. 

Be Blessed!

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