Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Losing Control --- Grace for Today...

 I am sure, at times, we all hit a place where we "lose control" and/or can't find our way through today or see the way to tomorrow. For me it is within my home, a few things out of place, laundry a little behind, school not planned like I should, etc. It leaves me feeling nothing less than CHAOTIC. I don't know where to start, which way to turn, what comes first, it really can get me all out of sorts.

Yet, today, I received the loving, gentle nudge from my Father, reminding me, control is NOT mine to have. I have reminders ALL over the house to lean on Him. AND, a place, a quiet sanctuary, known as Mom's chair, and my Jesus box (as dubbed by my middle son) that houses my Bible, tablet, devotionals and journals. I pray often throughout the day, and cry out to Him in the midst of my joys and struggles....and yet, I hit a plateau, a place like today where I feel overwhelmed and sad, frustrated, and unable to complete my tasks...or so it seems. 

See, I emailed a friend, sharing my burden. She knows my strengths, my weaknesses, my accomplishments and my shortcomings. She's my confidant, a dear friend, and she encourages me and prays with and for me, and I pray that I am the same to her. She knows my good, bad, and ugly. She reminded me today that I have the tools to do this, that I just have to pace myself, determine what's important and move forward. 

So, as I knelt and thanked God for her, He gently spoke peace to me.  He, not I, guided me through my day...not necessarily as I had it planned, but as it best flowed.

I have to share the reminders I've noticed, throughout my home and in various other places as I've moved through this day:

"The Lord is my Shepherd, I have all I need." - Psalm 23:1

 "I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me. God made me able to do everything required of me." (From Charlotte Mason's Student Motto - a homeschool curriculum method from a BRILLIANTLY faithful woman)

"You have the JOY of the Lord as your strength" (based on Nehemiah 8:10, from a Bible Promises sheet, I share with my kiddos)

AND, finally, my sweet grandmother, who is in a rehab facility for a broken hip and shoulder, she always lifts me up. She had a roommate when she first arrived, and her roommate left last Friday. She asked us to pray over the weekend about her new roommate, that she would be in her "right" mind and able to communicate with her, among other things. Well, she arrived yesterday and all our prayers aren't answered how we thought they would be. However, as I told my grandmother what a wonderful woman she was, she said, I take what I get, and find the blessing in it. God's blessings are in EVERYTHING.

Now I know, I didn't lose control, I never had it. He has it and me in the palm of His hand. I AM capable of all He requires of me. I have to learn what is priority and what is desire, and enjoy a little of the desire, but stay focused on priorities AND realize, sometimes, those can change at a moment's notice. A little prayer, a little nudging, a few reminders, and a whole LOT of GRACE from my Father...this day was peace filled. And tomorrow - I pray I remember this lesson from today.

Be Blessed!

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