Sunday, February 10, 2013

Let it Rain .... Blessings a plenty...

And, here it is, the finale to our story....not really, though, it's just the end of one chapter, because we are still walking this journey, singing our New Song....and I'm excited to see what all God has in store for us.

So this new job...while it fell right into our lap, I'm aware, that it was Divinely arranged and God was teaching us so much through the journey we were on. We started out, on August 31, calling and making contact with anyone we could, getting out resumes. Our Labor Day weekend was full of updates and phone calls. We were blessed with some amazing people who jumped right in to do whatever they could to help. Don't even believe in chance meetings, because, if you've been placed in the path of someone, God had a reason for it. TRUST ME!

I met a dear sweet lady through a mutual friend in 2008 or 2009, who has become one of my dearest friends. We got to know each other over phone, text, and facebook, and upon moving back to Knoxville, lost contact, briefly. When we reconnected, it was shortly before we were looking for our new home, and wouldn't you know, we wound up right down the street from her. Over time, we became acquainted with her parents and many of their friends, you know the kind, the ones who love you like family.
So, her father was one of the first Shawn made contact with. He mentioned some people he would be calling, got a resume, and set to work. Little did I know, how things can come full circle. See, in my mind, Shawn would be candidate for and offered a position that I applied for, for him, the morning of the day he lost his job...of course, that was before I knew what would come our way that day.

Meanwhile, my dear friend's dad offered my hubby the opportunity to maintain his lawn for the remainder of the summer, and then several of their dear friends did the same. I am THRILLED (though, at the time, I was sick!) to say, we were denied any assistance from our Government. No food stamps. Yet, we never, and I mean NEVER went without. He was able to come up with enough yards to mow, and odd jobs, here and there, to supply every need we had AND a few wants, here and there.

He and his wife, also went WAY beyond what was necessary, and gave us a some money to provide security until we got on our feet. They were more than gracious in telling us, they WANTED to do so, it was completely unexpected, yet, completely GOD! I will never be able to thank them enough for their generosity, or repay them. But, that's the thing about God. He provides people, when we trust Him, who are generous (be it with time, money OR services) without expectations!

So, back to the job...the job I just KNEW Shawn would have, and trust me, I had it played out in my head. I KNEW thought I knew what God was doing! He was providing for us before we knew we needed it. In hindsight, He absolutely was, but not MY way. He received the call, that they were looking for someone with a bit different experience. I was disappointed DEVASTATED!!!!  What in the world were we going to do now? Shawn was patient, disappointed, but reminded me, that we have sown our tithes, been faithful (of course, not perfect) to Him, and trusted His provisions...and that shouldn't stop now!

On a random day, when we were sitting at the library, Shawn received a call. It was a man, whom we'd made contact with through my dear friend's dad....MANY weeks ago. He was interested in Shawn. The drawback? He would have to start ALL over. Beginning in production, because that's how it's done there. He asked for Shawn's resume, and we sent it. We get home, he has an email, but from another person within the company, a person who less than 6 weeks back lost one of his guys. Wanna see God? While Shawn wasn't above starting again and working his way up....I believe God knew this. This guy could offer Shawn a position (NOT IN PRODUCTION) doing what he loves!!!!!  

Of course, I don't think I passed God's test of patience, or lessons with flying colors. Because the interview happened quickly, but we waited forever a few days to receive confirmation on which of the 3 guys would be chosen. I am ashamed to say, I was having a  rough morning, one that involved lots of coffee, tears, and my husband leading me through scripture (when I should have been comforting him).  We had JUST read in his study Bible, a little devotion and the words that stuck out to me were: "When you're just about out of options, that's when you're ready for God's miracle."  The phone rang.

It was THE call. He was offered the position and was to report the next Monday. Who would have thought, a call made in the first week, would have been THE call that was the be all, end all? God, that's who. He knew, and in all of the applying, follow-up calls, interviewing and more, that it was already worked out.

And, so....for now, that's where we are on our journey. It is FAR from complete, it is one we will continue throughout our life. It's a story written through tears, faith, and wouldn't be what it is, without Him.

I am reminded of the scripture I wrote down (paraphrased), in our checkbook, the day he lost his job: "The Lord God WILL provide." (paraphrased from Gen. 22:14)

Thanks for patiently waiting as I've penned this long story. I hope you take away something, or view your own journey a little differently as you've read. 

Be Blessed!

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