Friday, November 15, 2013

What does Homeschool look like?

I love looking at other homeschoolers to see how they have their school set up. I get great ideas, and while we don't have a designated "school room" --- I shared in this post what our "school room" looks like...and our closet and cabinet that houses our school stuff. 

But everything looks great when it's neat, organized and not in use. I thought a glimpse into a day in progress would be nice too. The children were outside taking a "stretch your legs" break --- so I snuck in to take "real life" pictures!

Teacher's Desk --- lol - this is technically our household desk, it's where bills are paid, facebook is surfed, videos for school are viewed, and whatever else....but it's also where a lot of planning for our school days happen!

The kitchen table - where meals are served, many conversations are had, dreams discussed, and....learning takes place.

Our white board - a fairly cheap investment, we just bought this board at Home Depot...and while most days I use it, this particular day, I'm ashamed honest enough to say, I'm not perfect, and all our work isn't always written out on the board. 

And - our playroom table. Puzzles take shape here, lots of fun is had here, times, there is a lot of learning that goes on here. It, for us, seems necessary to have the second table. Two boys at the same table often means burping contests and other inappropriate noises and conversations. I love memories and laughing, but sometimes we just have to get down to business and learn. This extra table helps! :) 

So there you have it - a glimpse into where and how we accomplish things in our day. At least, this day...tomorrow might look different. I'll share again, you'll see, there are no two days the's an ever changing journey!

Be Blessed!

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