Monday, March 25, 2013

It's the same, but different.....

(Disclaimer: I don't fully agree with the stmt above, but I did giggle when I saw it. We are blessed with many people who are a part of our "village" and we are thrilled to have them partner with us. The World as a whole, see above stmt.)

It's the same, but different; different, but the same. I had to embrace this cold, hard truth to make it ours, to be in line with His plan. These truth that, my kids are no longer in public school; that I cannot and was never intended to recreate this atmosphere for them in our home. Then came the other truths that I had long forgotten in the midst of building my curriculum, buying supplies, and organizing my day. 

Our school is to be Christ-centered. It was our prayer from the beginning. What begin in Him, should remain focused on Him. It is to allow them to grow with Christ as an active part of their daily thoughts, and create relationship with Him. Our school is to be about instilling a desire and love for learning. That is, mom, one-on-one with the kiddos, creating a LOVE and DESIRE for learning. And, all else, in my opinion, will fall into place. AND IT HAS! Our school isn't run by textbooks, but by learning. That is, we have guidelines, but it is not all bookwork and worksheets, tables are fun for a while, but kids need to be learning hands-on and understanding, not memorizing. I am so thankful for the ability to live in my country where I have this freedom!

Those things were lost, but only for a moment. And when I realized my error, and that I, in fact, had attempted to recreate "school" at home, I stopped. And everything fell right into place. Perfectly. It's because it's the same, but different; different, but the same. School has many faces. WE are one of them.                  

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